IT Enabled Business Eco System

There are many businesses which are successful in this earth. Many of them started the businesses even centuries ago. I believe its their processes without any IT support (when the word IT was just “it” in English 🙂 ), enabled them to reach today’s level. This clearly means that processes are key to success.

With the evolution of Information Technology, things are now much more easy. It is now possible to implement the processes through a software. Standardized business process across the world has resulted with the innovation of ERP software. There are companies who are ready to adapt the processes specified by ERP. But some companies wanted to follow their own processes and the ERP Software will be customized to suit the needs.

Either cases, when the software is properly implemented it will add tremendous value to business. Success in implementation will be determined only when the Leadership team uses the data directly from the ERP dashboard for their board meetings and taking decisions. ERP Software Implementation can’t be treated as successful just with ease of data entry.

Time is money. System is Implemented. Use the system to its best thereby saving precious time and earning more money.